FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an exciting competition that reaches the whole world. Founded by Dean Kamen, FIRST has been sweeping the nation, inspiring teenagers to challenge themselves mentally. The FIRST robotics team will be touching over 28,000 high-school-aged young people on over 1,125 teams in 33 regional events. The teams are from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, the U. K., and almost every U.S. state.

Working closely with engineers, the students must build a robot in the six week build period; no extra time is allowed. FIRST was designed to make engineering a game so that the role models of the youth turn towards engineers rather than highly paid athletes. The program also preaches gracious professionalism to all involved and demonstrates that engineering is as fun and exciting as we make it to be.

Our team has become a family due to FIRST; the experiences will never be forgotten.